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How to buy a wow account online

Anyone playing World of Warcraft knows that in comparison to other MMOs the leveling time is vastly reduced. Buying wow accounts is a multi-million dollar business. No matter of the grief the top level players give to those in game they believe have purchased an account, there's nothing they can do to stop it. Some guilds will prevent people with purchased accounts from joining, but in reality, most of the high-end accounts already have the best gear you could get anyway. For every guild who would block a player from joining, there are ten who would take them just for the sheer advantage of having an end-game geared player.

If you've already decided to take the shortcut of buying cheap wow accounts, there are several factors you need to consider before you hit buy it now, or enter a bid. Is the server active, are there long lines for log in, and for battle grounds? Does the gear on the character equate to the price the seller wants? Is the class in high demand for the type of playing you want to engage in? How far ahead of the playing curve is the players gear (tier 2 vs tier 1)?

Once you've found an account you want to purchase, you need to run down the following checklist to protect yourself from fraud. Does the account for sale provide any screen shots to backup their character and item claims? Was the sellers account created a few days before the listing? Does the account come with the discs or the answer to the secret question? Does the seller only accept money orders, cashier's checks, or wire transfer? Is the seller located in the United States? Has the seller marked the auction as a private? if you ask, the seller wil provide you a phone no.?

The final progression ito buy cheap wow accounts you want, is to put as many safeguards as you can in place. It's very easy for a seller to take back an account from a buyer. There is not a whole lot you can do in a situation like this, as the seller has intended to rip you off from the start, and has planed accordingly.

Just pay wih Paypal. Do not use cash check, wire transfer or money order Once those have been sent, your money is gone. Paypal offers some level of protection for you as a buyer.

Don't even bother threatening the seller. Just file with paypal, and the credit card company. Emailed threats are of no use, just get your money back the second you try to log on and the password has been changed. You won't get your money back instantly, but you will get it back.


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